Hi, I am Schmiddi. I am currently studying computer science at the University of Passau.

What I am Working on

Currently, my main projects are:

For a list of all my public projects and projects I am contributing to, see my GitLab and GitHub profile respectively.

My Goals

As you can see from the projects I am working on, I am trying to improve the user-facing experience of Linux smartphones like the PinePhone. In my process of writing applications that I wanted on my PinePhone, I personally enhanced my experience of the device to “that’s cool” to “mostly daily-drivable”. As from feedback I got from these applications, I am not the only one having such benefits from my work. My future shorter-term goal is to further enhance my current applications and maybe create new ones such that many more users can enjoy their mobile Linux experience.


I am mostly active on GitLab and GitHub, although these days I prefer GitLab. Note that I am not on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Mastodon or any other popular social media. If you find any account over there, it is not me.

How to Reach Me

Feel free to write me an E-Mail to any of my public E-Mail addresses visible on GitLab or GitHub. You can also write me on the Matrix to